Selling A House, Investor vs Realtor

Infographic: Selling A House To An Investor vs Realtor.

Selling your house to an Investor vs Realtor is a subject many are confused by. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and many misconceptions about what an investor can offer, and how that compares to a traditional sale through a Realtor. Due to the actions of a few “investors”  prior to and during the housing correction in 2008 investors have gotten a bad rap. There are many upsides to selling your house to an investor, the Infographic below touches on a few to give you an idea of what they have to offer a seller.

Paying Cash For Las Vegas Houses
Selling A House. Investor vs Realtor

These are just a few of the advantages selling to an investor can offer. As with anything, you must do your own homework and research to insure you are dealing with an ethical and legit investor.

The biggest upside of selling to an investor will usually be the speed with which the sale can be closed. Someone who is in a situation such as: facing foreclosure, divorce, relocating for a job or inherited a house, may find a speedy close is their major priority. In these instances an investor can offer a much more expeditious process over a Realtor.

Whichever way you choose to go, just perform your due diligence and make sure you are dealing with someone reputable and sincere.

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Sell Your House For Cash, What Does It Really Mean?

Sell Your Home For Cash Las VegasYou may have heard the term “Sell your house for cash“, but what does it actually mean?

When someone says they will pay cash for your house, they won’t be showing up with a suitcase full of hundreds.

What an all cash offer means is the sale won’t be contingent on financing. The buyer will come to the closing with a check to cover the total cost of the transaction.

This allows investors to close a deal in a streamlined manner that cuts out the wait and mountains of paperwork associated with traditional mortgages.

The difference in the wait time and amount of paperwork between traditional sales and “cash” sales is very surprising the first time one experiences it. You will almost certainly hope to never have to use traditional financing ever again.

This is just one way selling your house to an investor can save you headaches and money out of your pocket. With the expedited process you can avoid holding costs that you would be subject to during a lengthy traditional sale.

Such as:

  • Mortgage Payments

  • Utility Costs

  • HOA Dues

  • Maintenance Issues

When looking at an offer from an Investor that seems low, all these items should be taken into account. If you examine an offer with the holding costs and the Realtor commision, you will notice the investors offer is typically in the ballpark of a traditional sale.

So if you’re looking to sell your house for cash,  the discounts created by the speedier process could save you time and money.

Sell My House Fast Las Vegas